Striving for Excellence

How many times do we visit an establishment, receiving quality goods, only to have the entire experience negatively affected through poor service.

You go to a new restaurant and rave about the food, the decor and find yourself constantly drawn back to ranting on the poor service experienced.

Its time to invest not only in advertising your product, but also proudly announce an all-round excellent experience.

We improve our quality of menu items for example by purchasing quality ingredients, training our chefs to cook it perfectly, why not train our service staff accordingly and guarantee a pleasant overall experience?

Having studied and secured a National Diploma in Hospitality Management and gained years of experience within the industry, I found myself spending countless hours on coming up with new ideas and ways to train my staff in service excellence.

One thing I realised early on, you cannot train somebody to be enthusiastic about their job, you can only encourage them. If they still do not perform to standard, you have to conclude that it may not be the right position for them. Dealing with people is not an easy task. We are all individuals and have our own ideas. Receiving complaints is an opportunity to repair something that has broken, and a well trained staff member will have strategy in place to solve the issue with minimal frustration for the client. Things do go wrong from time to time, that’s fact….its how to rectify these immediately to ensure your client leaves the establishment satisfied, that remains the challenge.

“One customer well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000.00’s worth of advertising” – Jim Rohn


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