Journal It….with a Bullet!!

If you are anything like me, you have the greatest intention to start a Diary or Journal, documenting certain events, thought patterns and research information.

You buy the book, get to about pge 4 and then put it down, never to be picked up again.

So, imagine my surprise when a friend tells me about Bullet Journaling. Bullet what???? I ask. “Yeah I have a few ‘journals‘ lying around i could put a bullet into”, thats for sure!!

Then, I got to see it!! Its like a Scrapbook with a purpose. Not just something you page through when its finally done, but you actually use it….all the time. how cool is that??

Typically for this journal, and true to its name, you document pretty much anything, but mainly task related using point form (or bullet form).

On the key page you list the various bullets you will be using and what they actually mean. Eg. Empty bullet is a task set, half coloured bullet means the task is in progress, bullet with a line though the middle stands for a task cancelled, etc.

The best part is the doodling. it brings out your creative side while jotting down those all important notes.

You can draw calender style entries or keep it simple by just listing with bullets.

basically, you can customise your journal…..airy fairy or lawyer style…

The possibilities are endless.

My daughter saw me jotting notes and using an array of new colour pens I bought to brighten up the heading. Being the stationery freak she is, i immediately caught her attention on the matter. She decided to start her own……AND i think you and I both know what was coming next…..”Mom! I need new colour pens for my Bulletin Journal!!” ha ha, too sweet it was. The Bullet thing took a bit of explaining at first but now I am proud to say she actually uses it….shes only 8!

She noted a whole page of things I usually nag about as she always (in my opinion, conveniently) ‘forgets’ to do them. Things like unpack her school lunch cooler, unpack her swimming bag, pack her things for the next day, etc. She suddenly has these all neatly listed in a little book……i dont think she realises the implications now….theres no excuses anymore, she has to actually do the stuff. So, unless she miraculously looses the book (which I am quite keen to permanently glue to the fridge to avoid this happening), things should get done around here and i MIGHT actually have an extra few minutes to drink my coffee while its still HOT.

Imagine that!!

In conclusion, the Bullet Journal seems to be the answer for all us airheads out there to bring a little order into our lives so we can enjoy all the time day dreaming instead of having those horrendous interuptive thoughts that we have forgotten something….that is unless you forget to journal it. Then there is just no hope!!




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