When did Today end?


Out of time, no time, not enough time, have you got the time?

Life is like a daily race against the clock. And it gets particularily bad when you have to set the clock to remind yourself to go to bed, to avoid lack of sleep which would no doubt have a negative impact on the day ahead. I always seem to get my ‘second wind’ when I should be laying my head down on a pillow.

Rush, rush rush……morning to night.

This became all too clear to me one day when “rushing” my 2 year old daughter while brushing her teeth in the morning. After cutting off her sentences and constantly spitting the words “hurry up, we are late”, and pushing her to tears, to then have her look up at me with her sobby eyes and in the sweetest most angelic voice, ask me: “why are you so angry, Mummy?”….at that particular moment, it dawned on me. In fact, to be honest, it hit me like a ton of bricks. What was I doing? Why on earth was I rushing a 2 year old like this?

It did not take very long for me to figure it out. It was me, this mechanic being, part of a rat race that I never entered willingly. I grew up in a day where there seemed to be plently time, life was not a rush, yet here I was….urging my baby to stress and panic herself into a state, for the sake of what? 5, 10, 15 minutes?

It was me. I was in a rush. She was not. All I had to do was get up earlier, get everything done and then afford ourselves a few extra minutes to make her time to get ready, more fun…..like it should be at her age.

The next day, I did just that. And what fun we had. I did not interrupt her stories and I never mentioned once to hurry up. What a delightful morning it was. Our moods were both hightened throughout the day. A gloomy blanket had been lifted and the warmth of the shining rays was tangible. Nothing other than a few minutes of my sleep were lost, but a whole other world was gained.

No more do I rush my little girl to conform to our daily rat race but rather encourage her into a more relaxed way of life, where she gets to just be herself and take the time she needs to get to where she is going.

As parents we are always so concerned with moulding our children into what is expected of us in this demanding world, instead of simply nudging and encouraghing our children to grow into who they were destined to be. The gifts that God gave us to cherish and protect, not push and shove.

Take the time, make the time, have the time……..Enjoy the time.

It does not stop, but rather is an opportunity to measure the moment.


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