An Innocent Mind

Who are we and what is to become of us when encompassed by so many thoughts, we battle to place them in any understandable order?

How are we to grow into the beings we were set out to become with so much disruption, like things we are to know before we know them, the pressure of being aware of all dangers before we learn the meaning of the word?

When do we realise we are who we are, we are learning at the pace we are meant to, we are coming to terms with the emotions we previously did not have within our grip, we are growing, we are searching and be are……who we are?

When the mind transforms from the point of instinct to the place of understanding, the exact point in life where we choose to believe in a power greater than ourselves, or succumb to the blind idea that everything in life happens, because it does.

And yet, no matter what, we all have an inner voice, one that guides our moves, influences our actions, replays our mistakes, reaches a decision and then miraculously drives the force within us to become who we were intended to be, who we are.

This voice is the power we seek, the comfort we require, the force we thrive on, the faith we live by, this is GOD.

And then…….Peace, as we are not alone, we can and will learn from another, live by an understanding and have faith in a future nobody can predict.

Our innermost innocence exposed and protected, ignorant and wise, misunderstood and loved, alive and eternal.




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