The transparent Emotion

When we bottle up our emotions, we are told this is unhealthy. But is it?

A bottle, although created sometimes in various colours, is usually made out of glass and is transparent, so depending how hard one looks or how serious one is about seeing what is not drifting on the surface, the contents are almost always visible to those truly interested.

Are we not then purely preserving our privacy by keeping our emotions within? And privacy is a massive part of our lives with numerous hours spent having thoughts that we do not share.

Our emotions bottled up may be somewhat distorted to outsiders looking in, and only once we share our thoughts, are these distortions laid out with total clarity.

So the bottle resembles choice. We have the choice to share any part of our emotions, and also, we have the choice to protect our feelings and be self absorbed. We can solve most emotional turmoil within, and if we feel we cannot, we have the opportunity to pop the lid and spill it out. Just as we listen to the opinions of others when trying to solve our concerns, and then get to “use it or dont use it”, we get to decide against it, if we so wish.

We may feel relieved and liberated by opening up our emotions, but can, just as easily, feel the same within ourselves, simply by a change of mindset or thoughtful revelation.

Either way, my Bottle is my choice.


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